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About Axpostudio

We are a boutique IT agency which focuses on building competitive strategy and performance driven results. Specializing on inclusivity and enabling.

Creating a working environment

Without company hierarchies, creating a space where people of all backgrounds and life journeys could come together, learn, progress and succeed in their careers.

It’s not just about the money but about the process itself.

Using the well known visual language of system architecture as a reference (for) streamlining and (the) rebuilding of processes.

Our Awesome Team

Tatyana Karateyeva

Tatyana Karateyeva

Founder & CEO

Hi guys, I’m the founder of Axpostudio. Professional programmer with 6 years of experience working for international corporations and foreign clients.

Ukraine – Switzerland

– Russian, Ukrainian
– English
– Spanish

Nikola Kuridza

Nikola Kuridza

Business Strategist

Business analyst, strategy developer, graduated from the Swiss business school for business administration. Together with Axpostudio, we will take your company to a new level.


– German
– English
– Croatian

Nathan Millar

Nathan Millar

Graphic designer

A hard working individual, passionate about applying creative thinking to solve design and engineering problems, with experience in a variety of disciplines.

Great Britain

– English
– German
– Norwegian

Our Values

Our motivation is to work hard for our clients receive what they expect, for that purpose we use all of our resources and energy to achieve their goals. With our willingness to work hard and our professionalism plus passion, we can help you reach the business goals.

Commitment to customers

Our studio is committed to clients to provide the best customer&client service. We focus on keeping our clients happy and preserving their relationships.

Ethics and honesty

Honesty and ethics often manifest in our agency that focuses on pushing our clients to do what is right rather than what they want.

Excellence and quality

Axpostudio is a company with excellence at core focus on the quality of our projects above all else.

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